RW 8 upgrade will not publish

Just upgraded to RW 8 from RW 7 and RW 8 will not upload to my FTP server. RW 7 works fine. The publishing settings are the same for both. Any ideas?


Without more information it’s hard to say.

What happens when you try the test button?

What hosting company are you using?

Screenshots of publishing settings and the error message that you are getting.

Make a backup of the project, delete the publishing Info completely and enter them manually again.

@teefers is correct - more info please. Couple of quick checks:

Upgrade to RW8 will not copy FTP password across. Might seem obvious I know but check it.

If the Website Address is correct (and the same as in General settings) but greyed out - try typing it in properly.

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Thanks for the tips. I just reentered the publishing data and it now works. Appreciate the help.


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