Please help from RW 7 updated to RW 8

I have installed Big Sur on my Mac

RW 7 was not doing ok so I upgraded to rw8.

I loaded my project from rw7 into rw8.

My server changed from ftp to sftp.

I installed bitdefender.

Now my site makes connecting with the server and upload files and finish publishing.

I cannot see my new changes on the internet I see my old website.

What is the problem ?

Did you empty your cache in the browser?

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Yes I did with MacBook, with iPad and iPhone and still the old website.

Can it be that there was something wrong with upgrading 7 to RW 8 ?

On rapid weaver 8 my site looks normal but should I have had maps on my MacBook itself ?
I only have an icon with project with rw8

I have to put the port to 22 with sftp

How do I do that ?

Sftp does not upload my files. I bought yesterday RW 8 and it does not work.

What is the problem ???


Please don’t double post the same questions twice.