RW as a Bootstrap Layout tool for WP?

Hi Everyone

I have a strange inquiry that someone may be able to shed some light on. I am working with several WP websites that are part of an enterprise level solution. I don’t have access to plugins and advanced builder but I can use any Bootstrap3 code in a WYSIWYG text editor.

My question for you fine folks is if I could use a Bootsrap stack to build the layout for the content on in RW, then copy and paste the code that gets generated and paste it into WP?

Am I crazy?

I seriously doubt it. The code will be full of references to stacks, JS, CSS etc. files in /rw_common and rhe page /files folder. By the time you sort all of that, you may as well just hand write it using bootstrap.

Create a simple page and have a look at the code bu exporting/publishing to a local folder

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You’d probably be better just using Bootstrap directly. It’s quite friendly. There is quite a good course on Udemy about creating your WP themes in Bootstrap, although I’m afraid I have so far failed to finish it!

Bootstrap 3 is old. You might check out Bootstrap Studio. It generates pure Bootstrap Code without all the stuff Scott (@swilliam) pointed out. It like most Bootstrap utility apps has been working in bootstrap 4 for quite a while now, but if I remember they have a “backwards compatibility” mode.

They also have older versions that worked totally in bootstrap 3. I would suspect that you could probably be able to download the older version.

It’s quite easy to use, drag and drop most everything you need. The code generated looks just like you coded it by hand.


Thanks. I will check it out.

Pinegrow is really good for that kind of thing too.

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Pinegrow looks amazing!

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…Pinegrow looks amazing

It really does! I need another web development app like I need another hole in the head, but I’m very tempted. Of course, that attitude doesn’t stop me from buying more stacks… :grin:

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