Work with Bootstrap in Rapidweaver 6

How can I use Bootstrap in Rapidweaver 6.

I need to charge in my project the files:

  • bootstrap.min.css
  • bootstrap.min.js
  • myStyle.css
  • jQuery…

Is it possible?
Are there any tutorial or an example about this?
I’ve tried it With resource, but I coudn’t.

  • I drag the file “bootstrap.min.css” into resources
  • I write in “Settings > Code > CSS” (site-wite code), the following code:

Is important for me. If it is not possible I need decide if Rapidweaver is for me.
Best regards from Mallorca :slight_smile:

Have a look at @yabdab 's Bootsnap, this already brings in all you need in a free theme:


Thanks for your advice.
I just visited your link but I don’t work with PHP.
Is PHP necessary?
I do not understand why it is necessary.

Mac OS X 10.9 or higher
RapidWeaver 6+
Stacks 2.6+
PHP 5.3+

Best regards,
Enric Sarradell

@enricsarra – Enric,

You may want to check out Will Woodgate’s ThemeFlood site. All themes – both free and paid – are Bootstrap 4 compatible. They are some of my favorites, both aesthetically and functionally. Will also has lots of great stacks, many of them are free. On top of that, you get one of absolutely best customer support systems.

Both sites have comprehensive information on setting up and using themes, stacks and Bootstrap features. That info alone should be able to get you started, but if you get stuck at any point, Will is very helpful in assisting his customers.

In addition to what @Rovertek said, Will Woodgate has a collection of Bootstrap snippets free to download.


The PHP requirement is for your hosting service.

I think the PHP requirement is for one of the Stacks, which allows to send emails, so not a requirement for the free theme itself.

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  • I drag the file “bootstrap.min.css” into Resources
  • I write in “Settings > Code > CSS” (site-wite code), the following code:

but it does not work.

See Link to Rapidweaver Theme kit it has a sample bootstrap project.

You don’t need PHP with themes that I have seen. I use php for my own code and some plugins etc. I also have had to use ASP and Lasso Scripting. It really also depends on what you project requires.

Thanks a lot.
I don´t understand your code.
I need how I can declare bootstrap into RapidWeaver editor before exporting de project.
If is complicated I´m not interested in and I will use others frameworks.

Best regards.

many of the themes use boot strap many dont what theme are you going to try and use? what are you actually trying to accomplish /

how is your German mine is not to good but you can see from here what some of the Theme Developers are using

People are using different UIkits in their themes. So you may want to look at the theme you are using or the stacks etc and see if they use bootstrap.

Some Rapidweaver themes have built in bootstrap. I use the Affero theme that comes with Rapidweaver. I learned some bootstrap code and added it to my site.