"RW can’t be umpdated when ..."-message

Hi folks,
I’m new to this community though I’ve been using RW for severals years. I’m still running on RW 7.1.7

When I was looking for an update from with the app, I got this message:
Bildschirmfoto 2021-08-02 um 14.07.01|424x167

However my RW installation is running on my hard drive. The app is already in my applications folder. So what can I do?

Thx, Ben

I’ve only seen that message if you’re not “running” RapidWeaver from the applications folder.

Are you sure you launched RapidWeaver directly from the applications folder?

Yes, I am. RW app is in the right folder, double clicked it from there. And now? :slight_smile:

Assuming that you want to update to the last RW7 version (7.5.5) you can just grab it (and most any version of RW) here and manually install it.

Of course, if you want to upgrade to RW8(also available there), that’s a paid upgrade.

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