RW "could not save document"

My wife and I are trying to save a document. Using fully updated version 6 of RW.

There is a thread with a similar issue but sounded like a much more complex website. There was a suggestion that this was a bug. RW can't save the current document

Any help for relative non-experts much appreciated. Thank you in advance.


That other issue turned out to be a specifically problematic resource file (a large movie in particular) – it is unlikely to be related to anything else.

I think we should probably start by looking at your problem. You did not mention any details about it. Perhaps you could start there. What happens? What error messages do you see? etc.


Thank you very much for coming back so quickly.

We are editing a blog page. Not sure how much detail you need.
When we save the project we get an error message that say “The document “breast surgeon with breast cancer” could not be saved”

Using RW 6.3.3 on a MB Pro running 10.10.5

Anything else you would like to know?

Thank you again

I suspect this will come down to some specific details about the document. You may want to just contact RealMacSoftware support and send over details (include the file – the last saved version) and any details about what you’ve changed most recently especially media files like images/movies/resources etc.


Thank you. Only media on the one new page are two images which I have tried deleting. Hasn’t allowed us to save the project