rw_common folder permissions creates a tesla pro banner issue

i noticed on recent 1and1 weekly web statistic reports that people are somehow navigating to the links below.

1and1 had me change permissions today to the rw_common folders below but then the tesla pro banner pic no longer displayed so i changed folder permissions back to how it was originally. if i make the change at the fonts folder, would that allow the banner to display properly but keep people from being able to navigate to these fonts? we want to prevent that from happening. thanks in advance.

rw_common/plugins/rapidcart pro/resources/uikit/2.21.0/fonts/fontaweso me-webfont.woff

rw_common/plugins/rapidcart pro/resources/uikit/2.21.0/fonts/fontaweso me-webfont.woff2


How do you know that they’re ‘navigating’ to the fonts?

If the web server serves a page with these fonts, they’ll be called in order to be displayed.

Having all files and folders set to 755 (rwxr-xr-x) is good practice.

If a user looks at a console in Safari or FireFox and sees such fonts as resources, media or assets, they can try and grab them just as a browser needs to.

If you try and restrict the permissions of (such) individual files, you run the risk of the server not being able to serve them as well.

But maybe I’m missing something; if you care to supply more details, we’ll try and help further.

navigating in that it shows in the “most frequently accessed pages” report i get from 1and1. what you’re saying makes sense and all files and folders are set to 755. the tesla pro banner pic disappeared only when they had me change the rw_common folder to 700 so i changed it back to 755 and the banner was fine again. i’ll just live with it. it’s just strange to see people finding and going to that link is all.

I suspect that it’s the server using and needing those files.

OTOH 25 years in this business has taught me that people’s behaviour is as unpredictable and inexplicable as it is… ‘varied’.

IOW it wouldn’t surprise me if some poor soul somewhere has spent the last month of their life writing a routine to hammer just those files. The internet is an odd place.

But 755 is correct. Good luck!

I confirm that people don’t navigate to that folder deliberately.
Fonts (fontawesome) are loaded automatically by browser like all other CSS and JS resources.
By restricting access to that folder (or its parents) you don’t permit a correct loading of fonts and all other resources included in those folders.
And probably the JS file required by Tesla theme to run the banner.

I suggest to set permissions to 755 (rwxr-xr-x) as suggested by @MarkSealey.