RW doesn't show edits were made, crashes on close, can't send crash report

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RapidWeaver Version: 6.3.8 (15165)
System Version: El Capitan
Hardware: 2011 iMac.

Several issues, I am not sure if they are related.

First, in prior versions of RW - and in virtually any other program - when edits are made but not yet saved, the little red dot in the upper left gets a black dot in it - a visual reminder to save often! This dot has NEVER appeared for me in any version of RW6. Kind of annoying, especially since I do NOT get a prompt to Save if I try to close before saving - the program just closes. (Maybe I am using auto-save? Is this normal?)

Second, when I do close the app without manually saving, it often crashes. Then the Problem Reporter pops up and I am stuck in an endless loop of trying to Send Report - with or without Relaunch - but it fails to send “due to a connection problem.” There is no connection problem and I cannot quit the Problem Reporter.

Expected Result:

  1. The little red dot should indicate that changes need to be saved.
  2. When I close a site, I should be reminded to save
  3. The program should not crash when I close
  4. If it does, I should be able to send a report and relaunch.