RW File Has Blank Preview, Won't Publish

I copied a previous RW6 file and began editing on it. Today I notice that it does not show the usual RW icon and when I tried to publish it would not work. Sure hope there is a fix for this? Thanks!

Could you be a little more specific about what isn’t working? Do you see an error message? Does the site appear online?

OK, I tested the connection, said it was OK. When I clicked Re-Publish All, all files seemed to export. Then this was the error message: "Couldn’t upload to your FTP Server; upload failed (at start/before it took off).

Is the fact that there is no icon on the file significant? It does have the .rw6 extension but the icon is blank.


My desktop preview icons just disappeared for two of three web sites. Got an error message when publishing them and the icons vanished. The sites did publish, fortunately.