RW File Has Blank Preview, Won't Publish

(Ray) #1

I copied a previous RW6 file and began editing on it. Today I notice that it does not show the usual RW icon and when I tried to publish it would not work. Sure hope there is a fix for this? Thanks!

(Nik Fletcher) #2

Could you be a little more specific about what isn’t working? Do you see an error message? Does the site appear online?

(Ray) #3

OK, I tested the connection, said it was OK. When I clicked Re-Publish All, all files seemed to export. Then this was the error message: "Couldn’t upload to your FTP Server; upload failed (at start/before it took off).

Is the fact that there is no icon on the file significant? It does have the .rw6 extension but the icon is blank.


(Sam Powell) #4

My desktop preview icons just disappeared for two of three web sites. Got an error message when publishing them and the icons vanished. The sites did publish, fortunately.