RW6 doesn't publish my graphics

I change things every so often to make things fresh. Right now, everything looks great in Preview, but the graphics are not there. I have been banging my head. No luck. Any ideas.

Thanks – Jim


As a Dr, you should understand the inherent dangers of banging your head :wink:

Your question, unfortunately, is very vague… and requires additional information… :head_bandage:

Version of RW: 6.?.?
Stacks (Y/N), Version: 3.?.?
Any particular stack that this is occurring in or site wide?
OSX Version?

Graphics are showing fine in preview and not published or not in preview?

Where are the graphics on your machine?

Are the graphics warehoused, local or resources?

Are the pages .php pages?

A URL to see the issue at hand or a screen capture would be of assistance to see the issue…

That will give us a start to try to help :slight_smile:


To make it worse, I am a shrink. The graphics and in my graphics folder on my desktop. I am running RW 6.3.8. As to whether the graphics are warehoused, local etc. I do not know. It has always worked before. I make a graphics holder and cut and paste or drag the graphics to RW. My url is Some pages are (were) php. I allowed people to vote and had a php program that ran that. That has been lost in all my messing around. I have contacted my programmer and asked if he still has the code.

Why did it work with one theme and not another? So weird. I used to build my sites using Dreamweaver but I got tried of programming. That is why I went to Rapidweaver. Programming skill are no long gone.

Thanks – Jim

Hahaha… Head Dr.'s are awesome!

OK, your images are locally stores in a folder.

You drag the images into the appropriate place on the page (Do not cut and paste!)

You publish

Pages do not show graphics on site.

Personally, I do not think it a Theme issue, but a publishing issue. Please mark all pages and resources as changed,

FTP to your server
Delete contents of site (because both HTML and PHP pages exist in some folders. RW DOES NOT clean up these files.)

Republish entire site

What I found was the images are not on the server at the specified location.

Secondly… when you add an image to the page, you have to double click it to bring up it’s inspector to give it a unique filename and alt tag contents or stacks will put what it wants in there, so do this prior to publishing your site (JPG and PNG ONLY, no TIFF allowed).

Hopefully that will resolve the issues for you.

I too am an ex Dreamweaver guy lol


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turtle, thank for the kind input. I got to thinking – where are those graphics located. I simply moved them to a folder calle RW Graphics. Then I deleted them in edit mode and replace them from the files in the new folder. Voila! All is well for now. Thanks for helping and jogging my memory. – Jim

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