RW is adding unrelated content to a page

I am successfully building a website for my congregation Claremont UMC but have been tripped by one page where a whole list of content from other pages is suddenly appearing (not yet published). Here are the edit and preview views of the page:

Interesting, the link seen in the edit view is not present in the preview view.

I have tried removing the link. Then the extraneous menu information from other pages disappears. Is there something about the link which would trigger this odd behavior? I copied it directly from the referenced webpage.

It could have extra formatting from where you copied it from. Highlight the HTML and go to Format in the menubar and down to ignore formatting. This will make the background behind the html pink, do not worry, it will not be pink when you preview.
Try that

Thanks. Unfortunately, no change!

In re-examining my code, I discovered that I had both a single quote ’ and a double quote " together to begin my link. Is this a known feature that the whole menu would then be inserted due to the addition of the single quote?

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