RW just crashed and all my galleries & page images are wiped clean

So been on the website for days now ( I fiddle a lot ) - finally getting it towards the end of the first part.
This morning RW crashed and with that, wiped clean all galleries and all the page images throughout the site, apart from the page I was working on. Because of the type of business, I have several galleries (6) , to say this is a pain in the butt is an understatement really.

I do have time machine so?? but no the restored website folder gets this message when I try to open it !
This does open up a bit of a worry, Im relying on time machine to back up my sites - but iimage f they don’t open when restored , I’m sure can imagine the future problems that could cause.


PS I don’t use resources - all jpegs are kept in a folder with the project. I don’t warehouse. Have never had a problem prior to this for 10 years or with losing images

There may be a simpler answer yet from the group, but when I’ve been stuck(!) and could not find the solution by restoring the offending program or folder, I have restored the entire hard drive and that has always resolved the problem FOR ME although it is somewhat extreme. It’s something I have done when for instance APPLE has released a problematic update for iTunes and such. Of course, when doing this, you also want to have another backup of the current drive, just in case. The pain never ends… ;-(
One of the gurus here might have a simpler solution so be patient and one may weigh in.

I also worry about future problems when reading issues posted here and yes, RW crashes a significant amount on my system when compared with every other App/program.
But you SHOULD be able to recover if you have backup(s)!

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