Proper Protocol for 3rd Party Theme Storage

I have purchased, downloaded and installed (via X2 click) some 3rd party themes that are RW 6.3.4 compatible. And responsive if that matters, which I’m sure it does not. I need to edit the banner images in the themes and I have both RWThemeMiner as well as RWMultitool. Neither seems to be able too locate the theme(s) I need to edit. I see a ton of themes in the search list on both programs but not the themes I am in need of editing. Where exactly are themes stored locally on my computer after they are installed? I have done a search for the theme name which I have found a folder but there are no editable files or images in any of the subfolders within. Scratching my head!

Thank you for any help you can give!


In RW I show all the Themes, locate the one I want to edit. Right Click on it and select “Show Contents”


You nailed it! I never knew that I could do that from within Rapidweaver. Now, if I could just get RWThemeMiner or RWMultitool to see the theme, that would be great. I can work with your solution though.

Thanks Bill!


John, many themes allow you to replace their stock banner images - it just doesn’t work in a consistent way from developer to developer. If you check the documentation that comes the theme you may find you can do it without using either of the tools you mention.