Update 6.3.8 Won't Launch

Just let Rapidweaver update itself to 6.3.8, now it won’t launch, how can I revert to the last version?


Did you restart your Mac and try again?

If yes, then you can grab 6.3.7 here:


Hi Turtle, yep, installed update, restarted my Mac 2 x 2.8 Ghz Quad-Core Intel Zeon, 16Gb 880 Mhz, 4TB HD, on re-launch of RW icon did a one bounce manoeuvre in dock and nothing else, ran disk utility, re-booted, same problem. Thanks for download link, will revert to that for now, important site on the go. Cheers, Mal

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Do you have Gatekeeper active? If so, turn it off and try again


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Also, try downloading the update directly from here and replacing the one you have.

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:+1: @peppermint, the silly things you forget to ask when you have them disabled… good catch!



Just being nosey and wondering on your progress here

Did you get any resolution for RW 6.3.8?

Gatekeeper as asked by @peppermint ?

Direct download of RW 6.3.8 as provided by @LaPan


Same problem here under Mavericks.

here also the same problem under maverick

(Also, try downloading the update directly from here and replacing the one you have.)
The problem is solved

On my computer, I see always this box, since RW 6.0. But that’s not a problem.
I always get the full version from this site anyway.

Hi, thanks to all for your help, forgot to mention I was running Mavericks so Gatekeeper wasn’t the issue. Went with Oscars suggestion and downloaded it from the link he kindly placed in his response, works a treat. Thanks Oscar
Now… down to work!