Update to RW 6.3.8 problem

(Gary) #1

Just accepted the update from 6.3.4 to the current 6.3.8 version. Now each time RW opens it is treated as a recently downloaded from the internet program and asks for the security confirmation to proceed. If you accept, nothing happens and RW does not open up as it did in 6.3.4. A further click is needed on the RW dock icon to fire it up. This loop is repeated each time RW starts up.

I downloaded 6.3.4 and replaced 6.3.8 with it, but now this behaviour is happening to 6.3.4 which was previously fine.

Anyone know what’s going on or how to fix this?

(Brad Halstead) #2


Gatekeeper issue?

Or… have you restarted your Mac and tried again?


(Gary) #3

Thanks Brad. I hadn’t restarted but doing so fixed the issue. I wasn’t aware that RW needed a restart after updating but I guess like most things, it is good practice.

(Brad Halstead) #4

Glad to hear it’s sorted out @webdeer, sometimes the best solution is a reboot to verify the problem :slight_smile: