RW v7.0.4 error messages

I have a few questions about all of the error messages and other RW pop-ups that I have been getting recently. I want to pass these on and hopefully someone will shed some light on them so I can understand why they are occurring. More importantly, if I am doing something incorrectly perhaps this can be rectified as well.

A few days back I begin adding new pages to one of my RW website’s and these have been my experiences.

  1. The ‘Whoops! Something went wrong!’ message
    I make some changes to my site, try to save and up comes the ‘Whoops’ dialog box. It goes without saying that this causes loss of data if you are not aware of it, so I save as often as I remember to do so. My workflow is simple: I add new data to a page and they save or try to. So this is nothing out of the ordinary yet this pop-up persists.

  2. What are all of those empty folders in my RW project folder?
    They each have titles such as ‘’. At the moment I have about 15 of those.

  3. After publishing I always seem to get a dialog box after publishing is complete that says ’ Exporting …’ as follows:

This never goes away unless I select the Cancel button. To be clear this has not caused a loss of data or a crash. It just happens every time I publish.

4.I have only gotten the following error message once, but I had to quit my project to recover and begin again. I have never seen this error message before.