Why does RW7 throw up various random Save warnings?

Every version of RW7 I have used throws up a random warning when trying to Publish (locally) saying:

“This document’s file has been changed by another application since you opened or saved it. The changes made by the other application will be lost if you save. Save anyway?”

The options are SAVE and DON’T SAVE. Selecting DON’T SAVE appears to also Cancel the Publish.

This message appears randomly and no other app is using RW as far as I know.

Also, when making changes to a project and then selecting publish does not always offer to Save before the Publish.

Anyone know what might be causing this? @LaPan @tpbradley Has this been fixed in RW7.4b?

Currently using RW7.3.3, OSX 10.11.6 and latest Stacks with no other plugins.

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Also noticed that if you select Don’t Save, that RW will no longer Publish and a RW restart & Select republish All Files, is required to fix it.

Odd, this usually means some other app on your system is doing something with the file. Where are you storing your RapidWeavr Projects files?

Are they in something like Dropbox, or iClodu Drive? Do you have any backup software running?

No, they are just in Documents on 1 SSD dive, no shared or other drives, no Dropbox or iCloud drives and just Time Machine running. No resources stored elsewhere and no remote files of any form. I never use the built in FTP and never have more than 1 project file open and regularly restart RW every 15 minutes or so and restart Mac at least once a week.

This happens on many different project files but appears to be random.


Are you running some other kind of scanning (e.g. ‘clean up’) software that could be altering the Modified Date(s) or permissions of the file(s)?

Is it always the same (RW) files that are so affected?

Maybe one tack - if you can predict it - would be to take a ‘snapshot’ (a screen grab of the box that results from Cmnd-I (Get info) to see just exactly what is being ‘modified’?

There is absolutely no Clean Up Mac Crapper type stuff running. No it isn’t always the same file and I can’t find any pattern except always Stacks and either Foundry or Foundation.

It is not predictable at all. However, it never happened with RW6 and still hasn’t happened with RW6 and I continue to use both (but never together). When it happens again I will try to grab what I can.

It would be handy if RW could report this when the warning happens.


There is another (alas inconclusive) thread on this forum examining the same issue.

As I understand it, RW is probably objecting to a modified date or (other) state which it detects when trying to open a file.

I did notice that you have both systems (6, 7) on your machine. That is a tiny pink flag for me: could it be that the Stacks library framework is being independently updated?

Do you get the error when you only run two (or more) version 7 files with no intervening 6? That would, may I suggest, be a good test.

I never run RW6 & RW7 together and never have more than one project open. Also if a stack updates, I always restart RW. When the error occurred today, I had not long been using RW7 and had done about 3 local publishes. No updates were indicated as available during that time.


I may be wrong, but I do believe that - even though you don’t have 6 and 7 open simultaneously - the fact that some of the supporting files (e.g. Stacks’ Libraries) are being independently updated is the best explanation of what you’re experiencing. Good luck!

“the fact that some of the supporting files (e.g. Stacks’ Libraries) are being independently updated” that not what seems to be what’s happening here. RW6 is not running or being updated and RW7 was not being updated when the problem occurred.


I’ll make this my last attempt to help: if you open a RW file in version 6, the act of doing so may (conjecture) be ‘updating’ or otherwise modifying ((Stacks?) Library?) or other shared files which are also used by RW 7, which then sees updates that it (RW 7) didn’t make) - regardless of whether they were open simultaneously or not. Good luck :-).

Hi Mark, really appreciate your help. I would agree with that but RW6 has not been opened for a while so I don’t think that’s the issue here. thanks again.

Happens to me sometimes too, but I always use super fast key commands so I thought it was me going too fast :slight_smile: