RW v7.5.5 (and 7.5.4) crashing on save

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RW v.7.5.5 (and v.7.5.4) crash (actually hang and timeout) upon saving.
I have tried “Save As”; also crashes

It’s hard to find stuff in the Console with all the “Month 13 is out of bounds” but have seen this a few times:
default 12:10:01.551823 -0500 nxexec Too many groups requested (101). Can cause performance issues when network directories are involved

default 12:10:01.808814 -0500 kernel CoreStorageGroup::handleOpen() called, client , access 3, state 5, client is a lv = n.
default 12:10:01.874690 -0500 nxnode.bin LSExceptions shared instance invalidated for timeout.

Do’t know if they apply or not.

5K iMac 2017
Mac OS 10.13.3

I really need to get this site updated.

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