RW/Writer Blog Problems

(Simon Wray) #1

Are there any users of the RW/Writer Stacks, that are now supported by Yuzoolthemes, having problems?

I have a number of client websites that I’ve added the stacks to in order to create a ‘our news page’ or ‘job vacancy page’ etc that the client can easily update through the RW/Writer admin panel.

At some point over the last week the blogs stopped publishing the latest posts. Although everything appears fine in the RW/Writer admin panel and you can add/edit a post, the websites with the RW/Writer stacks are not being updated. On one site it is publishing posts that have been deleted a while ago.

If anyone out there is using RW/Writer it might be an idea to check if your sites are working or not. I have posted a support ticket to Michael and I’m waiting for a response.

(Michael Frankland) #2

Thanks @shw - there’s no problems that I’m aware of and our test blogs are running fine.

Can you clear your browser cache and let me know if there’s anything still not running well?


(Simon Wray) #3

Everything is back up and running now. Thanks for fixing the issue Michael.