RW Writer Blogs disappeared

Anyone having issues with their RW Writer blogs? All mine disappeared and then I got an email from Yuzool saying the account had been deleted ‘either as requested or due to non payment’. I didn’t cancel and there’s no record of non payment so needless to say I’m none to happy.

According to the RWWriter homepage, it’s going the way of the dodo anyway. There are only 200+ days left before you’ll need to upgrade to Pulse.

Also, “Accounts are closing at the end of your next billing cycle.”

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Yes I’m aware of this and plan to migrate everything over to Pulse during a quiet period. Not however aware of ‘accounts closing at end of next billing cycle’. That’s not 200 days!

Hi, did you tried e-mailing @yuzool Michael Frankland? or Pulse support? He’s a very helpful guy :slight_smile:

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Yes I have but so far no response.

Thanks @manofdogz for the message …

Have you been getting the Writer closure notifications? I’ve sent about 10-15 emails about it over the past 3-6 months. Might be an idea to check the spam or junk folders.

In there it was outlined what would happen and also asking what Writer alternative you would opt for.

But yes if it’s been cancelled that’s an automated action triggered most likely by end of billing cycle (yearly?) and won’t bill you again.

Can you send me a message on here with your email address and I’ll do an account lookup?


have messaged you!

Any news on this? Clients are giving me a hard time.

I have to express real disappointment here - it’s now 4 days, I have got nowhere and don’t even have any idea if this account can be restored. I took the decision to go with the move from RW to Pulse some time back and made the purchase. Now, with my clients completely fed up with the lack of support, they are asking me to look at other options - the logic being that if something goes wrong with Pulse will we once again be left in the lurch.

I accept there is some error on my part in not reading the smaller print, but I still maintain that to have the account shut down without specific, personal notice with a specific date - is unacceptable. Surely an email some time beforehand saying ‘your RW/Writer account is ending on the 30th September and will not be automatically renewed’ - is not a big ask? Presumably, all RW/Writer users are on a billing cycle so this should be the pre-eminent message, not that the servers will close in 200+ days.

Michael, you picked up on this approaching 4 days ago. I pm’d as requested straight away and have sent various other emails stressing the importance of the this issue yet have been met with silence. I would really appreciate some communication.

Lenny I’m disappointed too.

We have been sending out emails for about 6 months and I also have sent individual ones (to about 200 people) a few times. So that’s 1000s of emails.

From my side I’m also surprised when people go quiet or email a while later - that’s why I send so many just in case. People are busy or don’t see them, It seems like nagging but that’s just to be safe.

All I can say is sorry you never received it. It wasn’t of course just a message on the site. There was a chance to upgrade to Pulse so of course it was in my interest to reach everyone, which I thought we did. A lot of people we have had back and forth with so it might be in your junk/spam folder? I guess you didn’t see it, But that’s history now and won’t help.

I’d like to help more but am away and won’t be able to switch back on your site (need server access) until end of the month. I’m not at home until then.

I can see from the records your account cancelled 15th October - last payment was 15th October 2017 for 12 months, taking you until 15th October 2018.

Like wise - try the RSS feed and export that way for now?

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