RW5 crashing on macOS High Sierra

Trying to help my father-in-law and he has a RW4 project.

RW5 can open it fine but I’m trying to save it (I am on macOS High Sierra) and RW5.4.1 crashes every time.


RapidWeaver 7.5.5 is required to run on High Sierra.

so how can I upgrade this project?

Have you tried dragging and dropping it onto the RapidWeaver 7? See if it opens? I have opened RW 4 and 5 files with RW 7 on the first try. Not saying it will always work, but it has happened for me before.

It opened but it did not update properly. So…better???

This what I should see:

This is what I see in RW7:

Yes, but this requires I can save my RW4 project in RW5, which, as I said, I can’t. It crashes.

Other suggestions?

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