RW5 crashing on macOS High Sierra

(Erin Dalzell) #1

Trying to help my father-in-law and he has a RW4 project.

RW5 can open it fine but I’m trying to save it (I am on macOS High Sierra) and RW5.4.1 crashes every time.


(Brian LaPan) #2

RapidWeaver 7.5.5 is required to run on High Sierra.

(Erin Dalzell) #3

so how can I upgrade this project?

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #4

Have you tried dragging and dropping it onto the RapidWeaver 7? See if it opens? I have opened RW 4 and 5 files with RW 7 on the first try. Not saying it will always work, but it has happened for me before.

(Erin Dalzell) #5

It opened but it did not update properly. So…better???

(Erin Dalzell) #6

This what I should see:

This is what I see in RW7:

RW5 -> RW7 upgrade doesn't work
(Brian LaPan) #7

(Erin Dalzell) #8

Yes, but this requires I can save my RW4 project in RW5, which, as I said, I can’t. It crashes.

Other suggestions?

(system) #9

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