RW7.3 warning message - changed by another application

@dan I sometimes get a warning message using RW7.3 after starting a local Publish that says:

This document’s file has been changed by another application since you opened or saved it. The changes made by the other application will be lost if you save. Save anyway?


As far as I know, no other App is modifying the RW file and certainly shouldn’t be.

Why is this waning appearing?

I’d suggest it’s a RW glitch (I don’t want to use the word bug) where starting a publish triggers an automatic save that conflicts with another manual save, especially if it’s a large file.

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Something is not right. If I do Save and then Publish, straight away, it sometimes ask to Save, but not always. Why is it asking to Save , straight after a Save?

RW now (since v.7 to my recollection) saves on hitting publish and then saves again once publishing is complete. It’s to avoid the annoying ‘do you want to save’ message after publishing when, in fact, the only change would have been that you have published (i.e. no actual change to the project).

That’s handy. Being asked to Save after Publish would be an utter unacceptable outrage and ruin the otherwise gem of a treat, that is the offer to Save before Publish.


As crazy as it sounds there was a slight annoyance in being asked to save changes after publishing and there are a few posts around to this effect.

The double saving was also added to appease a lot of discontent users when (in more buggy times) having hit publish the application would lock up and lose a lot of work.

RW tried an auto-save feature for a while which caused more problems than it solved.
The double saving before and after publish seems to be the best solution.

My 700MB site takes a fair time to save and I can force your ‘another application’ message if I manually save then hit publish too quickly.

WTF. I just found out that I have 4 folders created which look like some sort of RW backup yet all of the files needed are not present. My main rw7 file is called and was converted from apollo.rw6, and I can see 4 new folders called labeled as, etc…

Inside one of these folders I see this structure: including a folder called Online Store. I have no such folder or RW page or function in the original file. Are these some sort of temp RW6 to RW file conversion dump that have not been deleted.

Anyone know what is happening here?

I also noticed (in RW 7.3) this error warning when I hit ‘Save’ right after the project finished saving (but not always). And then, I find the strange folder in the finder. This is definitely a bug in RW.