This Document's file has been changed by another application since you saved it

I know that this topic has been discussed previously but I chose to not bring it back to the top since it has been over a year. And, by the way, no one solved the issue. That is strange to me but nevertheless here it is again! I just saved my work and then hit ‘publish’.

The popup warning window tells me that "This document’s file has been CHANGED BY ANOTHER APPLICATION since you opened or saved it. The changes made by the other application will be lost if you save. Save anyway? SAVE DON’T SAVE are the options. OH THAT’S GREAT. Why don’t you just blindfold me and give the darts!

Now I am just a novice and I am not a programmer but this seems ridiculous to me. Such fine website software like Rapid Weaver should not have this issue…or…if it is a issue why does the window not identify the other app? Or rather, why can’t the RW folks tell us what the issue is?

I have a backup time machine…but that is just ‘saving’ not “changing”. So why are we having this issue every now and then? The popup warning doesn’t make any sense, since I am the only one making changes to my website.

There are a lot of strange things that happen with rapidweaver. Like sometimes my edit window gets really big like off the screen. Sometime when I open RW I have to look for it on my desktop because it is extremely small. Also, my library window doesn’t disconnect so I can move it around like I can with the ‘inspector window’. So I have to shut it down and hope that it will all go away!

Anyone else dealing with this type of stuff?

I haven’t gotten that message before in RapidWeaver, have seen it pop up on other apps. I’m thinking it’s coming from Xcode’s standard files interface, but that really doesn’t matter much other than explaining message is so cryptic.

Usually this message comes up if you’re on a network drive, or using iCloud or Dropbox type of file systems. I’m assuming you’re getting this when you save the project within RapidWeaver?
TimeMachine wouldn’t cause that message, but if you’re saving the project to iCloud or Dropbox that might be the problem.
As for the other problems with screen size and the library not disconnecting I have not seen any post on that.

I’ve seen this before. It happens when you save your project more than once in quick succession. If RW doesn’t have enough time to save (complex projects take quite a while to save) before you hit ‘save’ again—that’s when this message pops up. At least, this is what happens to me at times.

Like Doug, I have not experienced your other issues. However, I can never make my Inspector panel open automatically on RW launch.

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It occurs when RW is already in the process of saving and I manually invoke “save.” It occurs most often after publishing as RW does an automatic save at that point. Once learning that I wait about 5 secs now after publishing to save. I never see the msg now. And I don’t trust that RW automatically saved so I do it manually.

@dan - When RW saves it should provide notification.

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Thank you all for your responses! As I mentioned in the first post…the window states that ''this document’s file has been changed by ANOTHER application. Does that mean ‘another RW app’? I have 5 and 6 on my computer and I should trash them. I haven’t opened those earlier RW’s for a long time.

I also save before publlishing and I wait for the spinning wheel to stop before I hit publish which then always asks me if I want to save my work. So, I will save first, then take a break and then publish and see what happens. I appreciate everyone’s input…it always helps me a lot! Thank you! Scott

The message is kinda generic, from macOS. It’s definitely not an app like RW5 or RW6 that’s not open. It can happen from utility that sync files from iCloud or Dropbox. There are some command line utilities like opensnoop that can track and find out what exactly is using a file, so if it continues you can look into trying that.
Where are you storing the project file? Make sure it’s not in Dropbox or iCloud. Don’t forget that a couple macOS releases ago, iCloud can be used to store the desktop and documents folders, so if your project is under documents(or a sub folder) and that option is being used, that could cause the problem.

As I said… that’s the exact msg I get when I do a manual save and RW is in process of an autosave.

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