RW7 and Rapid Cart Pro e-mail function dead

Hi. As of Friday 21 in the afternoon (hack attack day no 1) my webshop contact form and my shop ordering system died.

In the contact form the error message reads “I’m sorry. There seems to have been an error trying to send this e-mail. Please try again”

In the Rapid cart Pro shop when anyone tries to make an order the following error message pops up " Email to buyer: Could not instantiate mail function" “Email to sender: Could not instantiate mail function”
The strange part is that if a customer makes an order and pays through PayPal I get a receipt from PayPal but I do not get the order from Rapid Cart and the order is not visible in the Admin page.

I have not had any problems since I opened the webshop 3 weeks ago and things have been running smoothly. I have not been changing any settings for the last 3 weeks either so is there anybody that have a clue to why this is happening?. I am loosing income for every hour this problem remains

The problem has been solved. It was the web hotel that had a server problem, probably due to the big hack attack on Friday Oct 21

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