Rapid Cart Pro ... I'm doing something wrong!

My client has just sold a painting using Rapid Cart Pro

I can see that the $ has gone into her stripe account, but she says she got no order email, so until she was telephoned she had no idea of the order,

She uses yahoo email and when I did 2 test purchases (stripe and paypal) it worked.

Also although I had stock avail as 1 (they are one off paintings) I am able to order that painting which apparently has been ordered.

YIKES ! Any help greatly appreciated! Can I set up RCP so that it sends a duplicate order to my email too. That way I can check with her when she gets an order, because if she has no idea she is getting orders, her clients are going to freak out!

I have just sent her a test order and she is not getting that either! I checked in RCP settings and her email is correct in there.

HELP! Could Yahoo be blocking email from RCP all of a sudden???


I have never found Yahoo email reliable: if it’s not spam, it’s non-delivery. If everything (else) has been working with Rapid Cart Pro until today, I’d strongly suspect Yahoo, sadly -:frowning:

As a matter of fact I sent to a Yahoo user this morning only to get this error back an hour or so later; so maybe there is something else going on with their system atm:

Your message has been received by evangelion.futurequest.net but has been
undeliverable to the following recipients for at least 2 hours.
The mail system will continue to attempt to deliver your message
to these recipients for a total of 2 days.  You do not need to
resend your message at this time.


== snip ==

Thanks so much Mark

Yes I think you are right
The AMAZING Greg at chillidog hosting sent me this link https://help.yahoo.com/kb/postmaster/SLN7253.html. (Shout out to Greg at chillidoghosting.com and big thank you as he was helping me on a SUNDAY night!)

My client is 77 and an artist (who loathes computers and has a horrible, temperamental P.C) adding a new email account is going to be agggggghhhhh ! But seems like will have to. Gmail probably easiest, but cn I be sure gmail will be ok with RCP?

You’re welcome, Figory; I suspect that Gmail is much more reliable than Yahoo. Good luck!

You’re welcome. I’m glad that cleared it up for you :slight_smile:

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