RW7 / Collage 2


Wanted to post this here as Im unsure if the issue lies with RW7 (7.01) or with Collage 2 (2.3.3). In edit mode, all the images show but in preview or live images do not display. I noticed when I inspected the element that there is a (null) in the image path. This is the same for collage page or the Pluskit imported page of the collage page.

See screenshot

I should add the (null) appear in the test live site at

Obviously i don’t want to update the live site until this is resolved.


With the limited info available here I don’t think I can say what’s causing this.

I can say this is not the normal behavior. I’ve tested Collage and it seems to be working well. I suspect it is some combination of Collage, RapidWeaver 7, and some specific settings in the project.

Send and email to and share your project file (or even just this page) with us so that can take a closer look at it and probably provide specific details about why this is happening.


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Cheers Isaiah, will send you the rw7 project file zipped

Would be good if you could also cc us in on this, - would like to help fix if we can.

Hi Dan,

Will send you the Dropbox link to the project


Sent via message through this forum.