User-selectable Addons folder, RW 7 - any advice, please?

Anyone else used - and happy with - the feature in RW 7 whereby we can now save and manage our Addons in a location other than ~/Library/Containers…, please?

For instance, I’ve watched the video which shows how to move Addons out of the default location on one machine - although I’ve not yet done that. So how do you tell a second machine to go and get the Addons from, say, DropBox and reliably synch them from then on?

Does this feature really work as it’s supposed to?

Anyone any experience if it, please?


I am using it since the official release of 7.0.

The folder is now located inside iCloud documents, and it is used by 2 different MacBooks.

Yes, it works, and it is a great feature. No more having to update 2 Macs for themselves.

Thanks, Jannis!

So… no bugs; no files lost in the transfer? Great :slight_smile:

Specifically, though - the video shows how to set it up on one machine, let’s say a Mac at home. RW 7 moves all Addons into DropBox or iCloud.

But how do you tell the second Mac (lets say at work) also to load Addons from that folder in iCloud docs: the Preference dialogue in the video shows the option to Move documents there?

How do you stop them from being overwritten in the iCloud location by the files on the second machine?

Which do you prefer, iCloud or DropBox? Is there a better place in terms of compatibility?

I don’t use RW on two Macs and I’ve only tried this on Dropbox primarily because it doesn’t look like there is a local iCloud folder that physically resides on the computer unlike Dropbox. All I can tell you at the moment is that moving the addons folder to Dropbox was simple and has given no problems.

Presumably any setup with two computers would have to share the same Dropbox or iCloud accounts. With no project open you can navigate to the addons folder manually, so presumably Realmac have worked this out.

Thanks, @ashleykaryl; Yes, what you say seems sensible.

I just don’t want to take the step of moving all my Addons (I’ll back them all up first, obviously) on the first machine to, say, DropBox; and then find that there’s no way of getting the second machine to go and get them there by default since the only wording of the Preference in question is ‘Move…’

In other words, I need to be sure that RW 7 doesn’t move the second machine’s (not previously ‘synched’) own Addons there and overwrite the files put there by the first.

Synching algorithms are notoriously tough.

As long as you have a backup of your addons folder I think there would be little to worry about. Move addons to Dropbox on the first machine and make sure they are up to date.

Then on the second choose that folder as the location for the addons. Since that folder doesn’t exist on the second computer it should download them all and simply ignore the addons in the current location that can later be trashed. I don’t think it will be complicated and should work just as well with iCloud but I like the idea of being able to physically access them on my computer without requiring an internet connection.

Thanks; I’ll try that. If it works as well as it should, that’ll really be a boon, Yes!

That will all work out greatly.

Completed this on my second machine; it works very well.