RW7 Test page newbie

A developer asked me to provide a test page. As this is the first time I’ve done anything like this, I found and following some instructions on line and have published my site with the test page.

Whilst preparing the test pages, I’ve done two, I found that unless I named the Meta Data folder first word ‘test’ or similar, the page can’t be see in the browser (Safari).

For one test page, I named the folder ‘testing’ (without the '); the other ‘test blank’. (ditto)

I had in mind to provide a test page of an existing page (where the problem that the test is for doesn’t exist) but naming the folder ‘existingtest’ doesn’t work when I enter that /address on my browser. Would i be right in thinking the folder name must start with ‘test’?

I would have to see your page name display…

Page name display.


Hi, Enable Show in navigation in both pages and then republish the whole site.


Testing should be fine, “test blank” shouldn’t be used. Folder names should contain no spaces or special characters other than - or _. It’s also best to use all lower case.

  • You Don’t need to show in navigation to publish.

existingtest should work fine. What are you typing into the browser? Do you have a URL to share with us? When you Publish did you get any errors?

I didn’t, that was a typing mistake, apologies.

I’d rather not share the UR: the pages contain commercially-sensitive content for a new free service I shall be offering shortly to my clients and other site visitors.

The two test pages that I have provided to the developer both work on typing in the browser. It’s only the existingtest page that doesn’t. When preparing the existingtest page I did the same, except for the folder name, as for the other two test pages. I suppose it might be a publishing glitch so I could republish the entire site - approx 1200 pages - but don’t have time now.

I didn’t imagine my question would be hard to answer for a knowledgeable but evidently it is. As I’m not that interested, it was out of curiousity, thank you all for your comments.

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