RW8 Application Not Responding (Save, Save As, Publish) on Mojave

Just upgraded to RW8 this morning.
Tried to update my page and PUBLISH. Application timed out - rainbow ball spun for 10 minutes, using a Force Quit I got the message that the application was not responding.
I reopened, made changes, tried to use the SAVE function; same error. Rainbow ball, no response, had to Force Quit.
I reopened, tried to SAVE AS and start with that copy. Rainbow ball, no response, had to Force Quit.
I’m on Mac with Mojave.
Using the TEST FTP gives me positive results that it can connect.
But the app is now useless to me and I need to make daily changes.
I need help and support.

Use RW 7 until this is fixed. You can use both versions next to each other.

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