RW Media Browser Photos on external drive

This seems to be problem others are having also, hope this helps:

RW 8 Resources > Photos -> “No Photos found” if Photos on external drive, even if set in: Photos > Preferences > Library Location [Ext Drive Name] > Use as System Library.
A work around that I found: In RW Common Resources, create a folder, example - “RW Photo exports.”
Drag one photo from it into Resources.
Then Resources > Project will show path to the new folder. Clicking on it will show all the exported images: You can then select them into your site without importing them all into Resources [ this only shows for current session, but better than cluttering Resources with a large number of images. Next session, just delete previous imported image and reselect it (or another) to recreate the path]

Could you also just make an alias of the photo folder and place it wherever you like that works?

Sure. In fact your question gives me another idea: Maybe create the folder in Finder > Pictures > “RW8 Project Name Pics,” and then an alias to it in Common Resources.

Then you could add to it from Photos, or from anywhere you get an image, without having to wade through the file tree to get to Common Resources. Be a lot more user friendly than my first idea. I am going to give it a shot.



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