RW8 not recognising stacks or any addons/themes from RW6

Just tried to open a current project in RW8 but it says stacks plugin missing and does not show any add ons

To find your RapidWeaver 6 addons, go to the “RapidWeaver 6” menu item while holding down the “alt” or “option” key and you will see a “Reveal Addons Folder” in the menu.

Copy all of these addons over into a Folder in you Documents folder. For example, I keep mine in “~/Documents/RapidWeaver Addons/”

After you’ve done this, launch RapidWeaver 8, and go to the “Addons” tab in the “Preferences” window, and choose the the place where you copied your addons to. Close the Preferences and RapidWeaver 8 will prompt you to restart.

When you launch RapidWeaver 8 now, all your addons should be installed and available.

Hope that helps.

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Sorted thanks for the quick reply now to get Weaving.


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