RW8 not saving/uploading properly

(Peter Badcock) #1

I have a large Foundry site I have recently moved over to RW8 from 7. When I alter pages sometimes the changes don’t save or upload properly. I have found a solution by saving, exiting RW, starting again and all fine. A bit inconvenient. Any views?

(Adam Shiver) #2

Someone pointed me to this thread, but unfortunately Foundry itself doesn’t have any control or say in the saving process. Let’s tag @dan and see if he might be able to help us out here.

(Isaiah Carew) #3

Can you provide any more specific detail about what isn’t saving/exporting? Is it changes to images? Text? Whole pages?


(Peter Badcock) #4

Changes to text and/or images. I save and on preview, either within RW8 or browser, the unchanged page shows. I tried a local export, same problem.

(Isaiah Carew) #5

Are you certain you’re opening the correct file?

It can be a tad confusing when switching over. RapidWeaver 8 makes a COPY of your project file – it leaves the RapidWeaver 7 file untouched, I guess as a just-in-case fallback if something goes wrong.

The files should have the same name but:

RW8 file: Purple and blue
RW7 file: Blue and yellow

if you have extensions enabled in the Finder the RW8 file will be called <filename>.rw8 and the RW7 file will just be called <filename>.rw

Make sure that you’re working on the .rw8 file – the purple one.

Sorry if that stuff is obvious. It’s hard to tell how excerpt/novice each user is. If you’re already know this stuff and still seem to be having trouble saving, I’d recommend contacting Realmac Support. Not begin able to save is a pretty bad issue – best to get that resolved quickly.


Where is my RW8 file
(Peter Badcock) #6

Thanks for that. Yes, I am using the RW8 file. I seem to recall a similar problem for me way back on RW5 or 6 unfortunately I can’t recall the problem. I’ll refer to Realmac as you say. Thanks for your interest.

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