RapidWeaver 8 is coming Week of 8/13/18 - BUT

WILL it be on the Mac App Store?

There is already a topic about that, you can see the answer here:

Fantastic! AND that was one quick reply!!! I am buying a number of new Macs at the present for business and the ease of the Mac App Store is hard to beat. I think I will be patient and wait…

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Since you are buying and liked my quick answer I would like a new mac!! :wink:

Just kidding of course! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hahaha! I really am impressed with this 2018 13" I bought for myself… Really fast and light, Love the keyboard (Touch Bar not so much…) But really nice! (and expensive). I have 3-more to upgrade. I’m thinking I may need to sell my house!!!

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