RW8 Side to Side text/pic boxes and parallax (Royale Theme)

In the Royal Theme demo it shows side to side text and pic boxes and rollover parallax effects. Any ideas on how to create this look (suggestions, tutorial and/or video)?

See example(s)

Did you download the Royal demo project? He’s got that exact homepage in there. The twxt/pictures are just two-column stacks. The parallax effect (as he has it) requires you to use the Royal split stack, I believe

Thanks for the suggestions. I tried that but the demo just has a banner. Tutorials cover a couple issues but not this one. I have used 1-2 column stacks with the maximum 1220 or 100% width but still only as wide as banner (which fine for white background text only but not for colored background or parallax.

May have to review Royal Split Stack unless that’s what I’m already using. Have screen shot of where it is and what it looks like?

See screen shot:

Sorry. Pick was an example of right floating image. This screen shot is composite of banner and 2 column (text and pic). Same story.

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