Royale Theme Example project missing stack

I’ve just installed the Royale theme and opened the example project. There are missing stack warnings everywhere. I have RW8 Version 8.9.3 (20888) and Stacks v4.2.2 all up to date.

A lot of his sample files included Velvet and Photo stack.
Not sure if that helps.

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Thanks. Not sure this does as I can’t imagine they would be right up the top like that on the screenshot.

Does anyone have this same project file and it’s working for them. Could you please tell me what stack it is? Thanks

Just using the browser inspector, I think Joe is correct that it’s Velvet and Photo but @dan could confirm. If it is Photo, the one at the top would probably be the Photo Base stack, which is a settings stack (not a content one)

Hopefully so. How would I resolve that then?

I don’t think they’re requirements for the project, so you could just delete them, or buy them (Joe from Weavers Space owns them now)

But if you purchased from Realmac, you can send them an email at support (at) realmacsoftware dot com or check out the documentation they sent

Edit: Oddly enough, I do have the Photo stack and my project file has the same errors. But my Photo version is the one from Joe Workman (and my project file is older from before Realmac taking over) so maybe that’s all it is.

Thanks, will try.

Please keep us updated. I am in the same boat with you.

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You can safely remove the missing stacks as they should not have been included in the project, sorry about that!

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