RW8 Simple Theme alteration


Hello! I wish to do a small alteration to the theme, erase the little arrows on the sidebar, how should I go on?

If the theme doesn’t have an option for that then provide a URL to a page.

Hello again.
How can I know if the simple theme has that option?
In RW8 can I see the code?
My site have been done with RW6 now I’m locally testing the new site done with RW8 with the same theme.
Does RW having a version for iPad?

Wow, that’s a really old theme which means it’s not responsive so doesn’t work well on mobile devices. If you’re upgrading to RW8 I’d seriously consider switching to a different theme.

No, there isn’t a version of RW that runs on an iPad.

First, I do think that the right and down pointing arrows aid the user in navigating the menu. However, they are a bit dated.

As rob mentioned, it’s probably time to start planning a site makeover with a newer, responsive design.

With that said, if you still want to remove the boxed arrows in the nav, here is the CSS code to do so. I don’t recall if RW6 had a site-wide CSS area, but that’s where you want this code so that it affects all pages.

#navcontainer #current {background: none;}
#navcontainer .currentAncestor {background: none;}
#navcontainer a {background: none; padding-left:0;}
#navcontainer ul ul a {padding-left: 16px;}
#navcontainer ul ul #current {background: none;}
#navcontainer ul ul .currentAncestor {background: none;}
#navcontainer ul ul ul a {padding-left: 30px;}

It works! Thanks a lot.

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