RW8 Simulator Window

Running RW Version 8.1.4 (20642)

The simulator window opens OK and I can select my saved custom window layout pc/iPad/phone but neither the simulator button on the top bar or the ‘Hide simulator window’ from the RW menu closes the simulator windows. The only way to get rid of them is to close each one in turn by clicking on the red close icon.

Unfortunately, it’s then impossible to open the simulator window(s) again as nothing happens when you choose ‘Show simulator window’ or click in the simulator button in the top bar.

Shutting down RW and reopening does allow the simulator window to be displayed - but then you are back to the issue above.

My guess:
Simulator is an app and the simulated windows (iPhone, iPad etc) are windows within the simulator app.
Clicking the button in RW 1st time opens the app and an initial window, you can open additional windows but…
If you close the windows the simulator app is still running and therefore clicking the button in RW does nothing. As there’s no menu for simulator it can’t be closed or new windows opened.

Pinging @dan, @tpbradley

I guess that it’s only me seeing this issue then …

Hey @Ruyton,

Thanks for reporting this! I’ve managed to reproduce the behaviour and will get a fix into the next release.


Thanks Tom, only a minor gripe but the simulator is very useful when setting a site up for multiple devices :slight_smile:

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