RW8 This document uses resources on missing volumes

Took the dive to install Version 8.1 (20541b). My project halts loading with the messages that it uses resources on missing volumes. The missing volume that needs to be reconnected is … Macintosh HD (wtf). Pressing “recheck” instead of “ignore” never ends, alter clicking “ignore” it complaints about multiple locations RapidWeaver is not able to access. Selecting “Not now” gets me access to my project but can “export” but not “republish” without fatal error.

I took notice of earlier topics and cleaned the list of Resources attached to the projects but it gets corrupted all the time. Any tips on recovery, or should I wait for another Release Candidate?

I am running RW 8.1 and having the same issue.


The drive is there and mounted, and Recheck does not work, and if I ignore, I can’t publish without fatal errors. Did you every find a solution to this problem?

Best bet since your beta testing is to contact support at RealMac Give them as much info as possible, Let them know exactly what steps to create the problem. A link to a project file(dropbox type) and a link back to this thread.

I don’t even know if they are aware of this problem. Most of the folks are posting any issues they find as a reply to the Beta thread.

Done. No fix and no word yet. Why I asked in the forums to see if anyone else had found a solution or workaround.

I just sent an e-mail to support, with a link to my account, and a link to this thread.

8.1.1 has fixed my issues, and thanks to Realmac for adding code to show what files are causing the errors.

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