Uninstall RW7 after upgrade to 8

Have made the (mostly) effortless upgrade to RW8.
I’m using a laptop with limited space so want to know if its now safe to uninstall RW7. Are all themes & stacks copied over to RW8 or do I have to keep them in the same location so they can still be accessed?
I usually use CleanMyMac which is pretty comprehensive at removing every last trace of an app.
So, what is safe to delete?
(can’t find this answered anywhere else; apologies if it is).

RapidWeaver 8 is just over a week old, and Realmac is still fixing bugs but none I’ve seen have been real show stoppers. However that doesn’t mean one or two issues could pop up.

The addons (themes, plugins and stacks) should have been copied over to the new RW8 location. You have the option to choose where you store the addons folder both in RW7 and RW8.

Personally I would avoid utilities like this, they tend to break more than help deleting needed files.

When you decide it’s safe to delete RW7 then follow this guide:

Thanks Doug.
CleanMyMac has made managing my (limited) laptop flash memory a lot easier but I can see the dangers. There seems to be a massive discrepancy between RW7 & 8 though in associated file sizes (screengrab from CMM).
I will go cautiously with full Time Machine available…

That doesn’t look right. CleanmyMac is missing something (like the addons folder).
Did you move the location of addons ion RW7 or RW8?

The default location for RW7 was:
~/Library/Containers/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver/Data/Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver

You can move that to DropBox as well.

I did but CMM is picking it up for RW7 but not RW8. Which totally reinforces your original statement - don’t trust it!
I won’t. Will delete manually.

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