RWML Switch Design


How can I change the look of the Switch. (If I set it to 55px, which is far to big, it works…) The Theme Cefalus from Henk. Thanks for Help.

Will, thanks!
Additional question: I will use it with easy cms. How do I have to build up the text?

Easy CMS Text within the RWML Short Text for each language? And then in the admin? The same?

Somehow I am making something wrong… :o)

I don’t see Will’s answer did you get an email reply?
If so it’s nice if you post the solution for others that search for the same problem.

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Will, where is the The RWML Master stack contains a Trigger Condition setting?
My problem is: I cannot translate the scroll down menus))

Damn I dont find it. Blind as I’am…

Because a website menu is likely to be something you want translated on every page, it is wise to setup RWML Menu as a partial. RWML makes this easier for you, by providing a dedicated space in the RWML Master stack to store your RWML Menu stack. To access this drop zone, select the RWML Master stack. Within the RWML Menu Settings group, change the toggle (next to ‘Menu Control’) to ‘Partials’. Drag and drop your RWML Menu stack into the drop zone that appears. Now your menu translations will get included on every page that RWML Master is placed on.

The RWML Master stack contains a Trigger Condition setting. By default, the trigger condition is set to Equal To , which means only exact matches of menu links will be translated. However by changing the setting to Contains , you can apply more loose matching of menu links for translation.

No, I did not get any answer… but I found it out, no help required anymore.

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