RWML menu translation fails

I set up my website in English (as primary language) and German. For translation of menu items I use ‘RWML menu’ and the ‘RWML wrapper’ stack. All menu points / web page names do translate correctly, only one doesn’t:

‘Office chair’ should translate into ‘Bürostuhl’. But it does not.

Instead it translates into ‘Office Stuhl’ (English and German combined).

Maybe it gets irritated because I have another menu point / web page name which is ‘Chairs’. This one translates correctly into ‘Stühle’.

Is it possible that the translation gets messed up, because it translates the first word of ‘Office chair’ before it reads the whole noun? What can I do to eliminate this mistake?

I solved it. Not sure, but seems to be that I had to rewrite all words of the respective menu item to get the desired result.

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