RW8: Hit export option and defaults to edit publishing

Just received RW8. i like the dark theme - well done!
When i go to export a site i used to see a window where I select a folder to export website files into. With RW8, no folder view to choose a location, instead I am forced to edit the publishing settings of file - by selecting the export option. What gives? I don’t understand what that edit screen appears. There is no way to export a file like old RW. This does not make sense to me. Why is this happening? I just want to export the website files into a folder on my computer and do manual FTP.

In version 8.0.3 (which I am using):

  1. In the left “Pages” panel of RW open the Settings and select Publishing.

  2. Click Choose Folder… and navigate to the folder you want to use for exporting your site files into (could be any location on your Mac, for example, your Desktop).

  3. Click Edit and type the name of that destination, so that you will know where your files are going (you can choose any name you want). This info will be shown in the upper right corner of your Inspector window:


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Thank you for your reply.
I am using RW 8.1 and the update option says I am up to date.
It seems that the GREAT minds at RW have decided to force everyone to set publishing details now in this new version. Guess they think it’s a “good idea” to add a couple of steps to the workflow. I prefer the old way where you can choose export, then choose a file, and simply export the website files to the selected folder. It will be a while before I jump on the bandwagon of download the newest version of RW. Thanks again for taking the time to post your response, it was helpful. Cheers!

To tell you the truth, I do not understand your issue. In my view, your way of exporting adds more steps to your workflow, because you need to choose destination every time you decide to export—but I may be misunderstanding what you’re saying, or perhaps the routine I have described above has changed between versions 8.0.3 and 8.1 (like I said before, I am using version 8.0.3).

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