Save FTP Settings to archive file or folder

(Jim Teames) #1

Is there a way to save the FTP Settings (individually or as a group) to an external file or archive folder in RW7, so as to be able to import and use on future projects?
This would be in addition to the saved Bookmarks already in RW7, to act as backup…


(Doug Bennett) #2

I don’t think you can to an external file [quote=“jatassoc, post:1, topic:12682”]
to an external file or archive folder in RW7
However, you can use the bookmark feature to save you FTP settings “add to bookmark” button. Then on your next project select “add from bookmark.”

(Jim Teames) #3

Yeah, was aware of that but really wanted an external backup. Can’t have tooo many backups. Thanks anyway. Maybe RM can come up with an export bookmarks function similar to Safari and others.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #4

Could look at DomainBrain

(Jim Teames) #5

Hey Robb, We’ve for years saved images of the setup screens for stuff like this and put them in KeyChain Secure notes. Saved my “hinny” mucho times. Later.