Save Single RW Page to Disk

Hey Guys,

We would like to save one RW format page to disk from an example site to disk, then import it into a new site we are working on. Can anyone point us in right direction? Site is in RW 7.3.3 and is using Joe Workman’s Foundations theme. Your help appreciated.

Just drag the page from one RW project to the other.

That sounds really easy, but we really wanted to save to disk first. then do a little work on page before importing into new site. can we just drag to finder as well?

No, it has to be in a RW project file. But you can save as and get rid of all the other pages, get it the page the way you want, then drag it to the new site. Nothing wrong with working on one page in a RW file.

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OK, we got it. Start new blank foundation site, then drag the page into it. That should work. right?

Sure. Or just “save as” the file and delete the other pages so you only have the one page. That way you start with all the same settings… unless you want new settings, then yes, I’d start a new file.

LS, Thanks for info. That helped. We got it going now.

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Glad to be able to help :slight_smile: