Images are ALL exported as PNG?!

I created a couple of projects the past weeks, and just realized that all images are exported as PNG, even the smaller JPG are now huge PNGs. Which affects obv page speed and data.

Is this an issue with Rapid Weaver, Stacks Plugin or the Foundry Image Stack? How to change this behavior, it’s odd.

(Update: when I import the images via drag & drop from the finder - not the ressources, the images are exported as JPG and PNG but the JPG is used.)

I also realized that RW setting “scale down to xxx pixels” is not applied. I assume I must do something fundamentally wrong.

Not sure I understand what you mean.

To the best of my knowledge, RapidWeaver doesn’t convert any image formats.

You Might want to give us a step by step (where the original came from, what you did to get the original into RW, how do you get the image onto the page, etc, etc) on what you are doing, and maybe a URL.

Sure, actually it’s simple:

  • Prepare my assets (logos, images…)
  • Place them in the ressources window of Rapid Weaver (I love to organize things)
  • Then I drag & drop the images into the Image stacks.

Now two things are not as expected:

  • All images are renamed (/files/stack_img_xxx) and converted into PNG
  • The images are not resized (as of Rapid Weavers setting: scale down to 1000 pixel - or whatever)

I figured out that when placing the images directly into the stacks via the Finder (not from the window) the Images are renamed and also converted, but every image is in there twice, jpg and png and the jpg is used by the image stacks (I am using Foundry, according to the developer he relies on Stacks here)

I also didn’t realize that for every use of a partial, the images are exported multiple times.

I helped myself by scaling down all images to the sizes I need (I have a desktop and a mobile version) and placed them directly from the Finder, which at least solves the problem that the exported website does not deliver 3000px wide PNGs :slight_smile:.

This has been talked about now by @Isaiah in this post. Thanks Isaiah for this detailed response:

If you double click on an image and go into the Stacks Image Editor, is the format setting set to PNG?

CleanShot 2020-10-16 at 11.53.32


Thanks, just headed over. Hard to find “who is responsible” for issues like this :slight_smile:

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