Showcase Ultra not animating

I just bought Showcase Ultra, and added three images to a page I’ve temporarily published here. Now, my understanding is that it should animate between the three, but as I view the page on my Mac or iPad I don’t see them animating. Do I need to do something in particular to make it animate? To speed it up I set the interval to 500ms and transition to 600ms.

Hi @willwood, tagging you as per your support page. Any suggestions on why it’s not showing the other images too? I made a page more that should animate across 8 images, but it is also only showing the first one

For users coming in and reading this later, the error I did was that I dragged images onto the plus button of the Showcase Ultra. That created stacks of a different image kind than the ones expected. Instead I should have tapped the plus button, and that would add stacks where I could set up each image. Doing that gives the exact behavior I was hoping for.

With regards to the ‘website could not be loaded’, my site is using HTTP only, not HTTPS. I will start adopting HTTPS now.

Thanks Will for the great support :slight_smile:



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