Search for compatible modern themes RW 8

Hello, I am looking for themes, modern and perfectly compatible with RW 8 (with if possible a good compatibility with the future Stacks 4) for a TOURIST website and for a website of a GRAPHIST.

I found beautiful themes on
This provider offers a lot of settings, including ExtraContents.

Unfortunately, I have not found other suppliers too … “sexy”: do you know others?

Thank you for your precious help …

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Will has some excellent themes.


Thank you @OldGreyThing, the Summit by themeflood theme is simple, sober… but terribly customizable:
100 fonts (cool) and 12 ExtraContents (very clever)!..

I continue my research … :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, I worked a little. Here is the compilation of what I could find in a few hours of research:

@studiozellige I use Summit and it is great!

@Parker I take advantage that you know this theme…

I would like to know how to manage the height of the banner image (the foggy background image with the wolf on the right)?..
Can we precisely define the height of this image / banner?..
A parameter (Body Background) allows you to specify an image named “bg1.jpg” to “bg10.jpg”: how to use this function and point to my own images (although I may have a small idea by modifying the images in the theme file itself)?..
Otherwise, there is documentation on your theme “Summit”?..


I use the FreeStyle stack that is by the same developer and meant to work with the Summit theme. It can transform your banner area into many things. Check it out

Thank you @Parker for the information…

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