Searches for site and shop (Ecwid)

Hi. I was all set to start an Ecwid subscription, but I’ve just found an issue that I don’t think I can workaround.

The search provided by Ecwid only encompasses only the Ecwid store itself, so if I add a search to one of my RW sites, it won’t pickup anything outside the store. I’ve contacted Ecwid, who say that it’s not possible to combine the two search areas (although they are working on a beta for a Wordpress plugin). Has anyone any experience of, or can recommend a solution, that would combine a site search with Ecwid’s store search.

I’ve looked into custom Google Searches, and whilst I can add the store section to the console, it won’t return results, as the SERP doesn’t allow javascript to be inserted from Ecwid (showing the store results).

I know Ecwid offer 2 free hours of development on the plan I’m considering: does anyone have experience of Ecwid’s dev service for similar features?

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