RW Catalogue Solution with indexable Detail Pages

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I seem to have run into a strange situation. I have a client that wants an online catalogue that he can manage. I eventually built him a RW site that used Cartloom. Unfortunatly because the content actually lives in an iFrame, the detail pages don’t really exist and can’t be indexed. This means the site as a whole can’t be searchable for unique products, and the SEO is limited.

I started to look at Shopify, and Ecwid but they basically work the same way. So now I am stuck with no real good RW solution for managing an online catalogue for a client.

I am open to all other ideas and if you have any working examples I would love to see them.

The site in question is


Are you sure? I don’t think ecwid works that way at all, it loads products directly into the page via JavaScript.

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I am happy to go investigate it again. Maybe I missed something in my research. This is why I love to see working samples.

You can get a free account (complete with sample data). Slap the widget on your test page and look at the source.

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I just watched some videos online. So since I am using Foundation, I will need to build out the catalogue using the code snippets provided on the website. The RW plugin is only used as a page type for standard RW themes.

Thanks for the help. I will have to test it out tomorrow.

The snippets are easy, no need for the plug in, just put them in a html stack.

Lots of options to customize built right in.

Did you use Cartloom’s Storefront stack? It claims to be SEO friendly, not a user myself so can’t say for sure.

Don’t forget that you can use stacks for Ecwid as well -

I think what Jan @Fuellemann mentioned (the stack set) Is for UIKit only not Foundation, Foundry or any other theme.

No, these particular set of stacks work with all frameworks. Most of his other stacks are UI kit based, though.

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Cartloom Storefront works outside the website I designed and left much to be desired.

Why use the Storefront option of Cartloom when you can add your store right inside of Cartloom using their embed codes for the cart? Those options make the store a part of your site itself. I personally use the Buy Button and View Cart buttons throughout my site.

The Cartloom product detail page can not be indexed directly when embedded into a design since it uses an iFrame. I have discussed this with their support several times. They have assured me that what I want to do can’t be done. The only option was their store front solution.

You wouldn’t use the stack for embedding in my example. You’d create the product details on your page and only use the buy / view buttons, which are offered separately. I use it throughout my sites in this way.

Very interesting to hear. I didn’t know Cartloom worked this way.

Hope you find a solution and will be very interested to see which one you settle for.

Use Rapidcart pro from Forground no monthly fees and i think you are able to do everything you like.

With ECWID you can also use the whole store front and/or embed individual product buy now scripts elsewhere in the site. I have done both on my son-in-law’s site e.g, on the “pet Plus” page
I found the payment options and store management better than Rapidcart and Cartloom for UK/EU

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