Seeking a Gallery that hides images in Edit Mode

Do you know of a Gallery Stack that hides images in Edit Mode, and is made to take a good number of images, say 50… must have a caption feature, otherwise good too…

Why not loading this large amount of images directly from a server folder, instead of uploading them into RW?

Keyword “warehousing”.

Check Gallery Stack’s option for that:

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I could warehouse the images… that’s not so much my concern, as the resources folder is in a way a warehousing folder… my concern is hiding them in edit mode… Foundry’s Gallery shows them in edit mode… which makes for many yards of scrolling to get past that stack… by the way Poster works great.

Select the gallery stack you’re using and click the “hide” button in the stacks toolbar. It will collapse the stack and just show it’s header (and your custom title, if you entered one). You can do this for any stack.

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@instacks. I just had a look over GalleryStack via the link you provided. I don’t understand what many of the things covered there are, such as CMS… new to that… my questions to you are thus: I want to be able to place the stack, choose my grid and Lightbox your way, that’s fine, and then add images… they can be in resources inside RW that’s fine… Does your Gallery load them all right away, or can you specify to load only X or does it load only X to be more speedy? I am thinking of putting this on a landing page, the home page, so I don’t want it to slow it down too much… I saw both auto thumbnail creation and manual thumbnail creation on your page… doing it my way will it AUTO create them? I am showing many screenshots from a software program… so I just want them to be able to select, and see, I don’t have many requirements… just HIDE images in Edit Mode is a big request… is that there? Were you implying that if I warehouse select my images, that they would be hidden in edit mode? Is it difficult to place warehoused images… my mind goes blank because I think I’ll have to look at file names and type them, I don’t know if your stack provides a list from the server to select from… when using warehoused method… I want to place around 50 images say… their names are all the same just a counter on the end changes…

I just realized that since my images are all named the same just a counter changes, that typing them wouldn’t be a problem, just paste name and type incremented number… still would like to be sure, that this won’t be hundreds of feet long in edit mode… excuse me for being a bit dull… perhaps your page answers these if I understand better what I’m looking at… this could all be my fault I realize… maybe a smarter person would know the answer to these questions. Darn.

Why that?

@instacks Why hide images in edit mode? Because if I put 50 images into the Gallery, and they show in edit mode, then it creates many yards, many feet, many meters, of scrolling you have to do to get past the gallery… if it’s just one part of a page, you have to work around so many meters of images… doesn’t that make much sense? I have Foundry, it displays images in edit mode… I dont even want to start with it, use it, at all, because it will create many meters of images I have to scroll through to move around the gallery stack. Otherwise, I can just use it. It’s basic but fine. I am concerned about speed, as I want this on the home page. Concerned about thumbnail creation… auto preferred… hoping to use Site Images instead of other ways… sorry if I dont make sense… I try hard

Did you see my previous post? Just use the Stacks built-in “hide” feature that collapses any stack to just it’s name/custom title.

You can use it with any stack, including the Foundry Gallery stack.

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Nope, not doing this in regards to SEO.

Maybe then stick to the inbuilt “stacks images”.

Gallery Stack supports both inline images as also resource / “site” images.

@DLH. DOH !!! THANK YOU. Where is this thing… never mind I’ll look for it… there’s those icons across the top on the right side, I imagine it’s on one of them, or on the stacks themselves… somewhere findable


With that out of the way, I’d recommend you rethink your idea for having 50 screenshots of your software on the home page. That’s way too many for a home page. Put a couple of the most used parts of your software (where users spend the most time or show the most unique part of it) or the highlights and then put a “view more screenshots” button/link below that sends them to another page with all the screenshots.

This will keep your homepage quick to load and provide the detailed images for those who want to look at them.


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